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     Introduction to CAEP  

When we want to know how well we are doing, just look at all the support we get from the others and the achievement we have to thank for. Since its opening in November 1999 with the help of a start-up grant from Jockey Club, the Jockey Club Centre for the Advancement of English for Professionals (CAEP) has rapidly established itself as a leading provider of high quality English language courses. Hundreds of English learners in town have advanced their English standard and career prospects by taking courses with us.



At a time when major Higher Education structures around the world are endeavouring to establish a more student-centred approach to teaching and learning, CAEP aspires to design curriculums and study programmes that are practical and relevant to the demand for English enhancement by adult learners and business and administrative professionals in Hong Kong. Our Centre has a comprehensive study ladder that can equip you with the language skills sets required in different workplace positions and in your day-to-day communication in English. In support of the School of Continuing Education’s ongoing initiatives to enhance our students’ learning experience and as the School’s representative division for English teaching and learning, the Centre will continue its mission to:


  • help you learn to communicate your ideas and express your opinions in English freely, confidently and independently;
  • strengthen your integrated English language skills for daily communication;
  • empower your command of English for work purposes;
  • enable your career growth with improved English proficiency; and
  • raise the English standard of the general public.

At CAEP, we explore what you expect to learn and the finest ways to teach English.